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Name: friend
Employed as: Friend or family of employee, for 20-30 years
Posted: 07 February 2020


Real solution to this whole one man crew thing. No one will stop the
railroads from going one man. Fact is the railroad is has $$$$$ and
politicians in their pockets. The railroad is under its own
jurisdiction and what they do on their rails and property is hard to
regulate outside of federal court. So what do you do? You hit them
where it hurts. VELOCITY! On time freight. Yeah, they want to endanger
the life of a single crew member and the public, that is all fine and
dandy, but if they are coming through my town with hazmat materials,
military trains, nuclear spend fuel, dirty dirt, crude oil or any other
kind of chemical that can harm me or my neighbors then they can roll
through my town at 10 mph from one end to the other. City speed
ordinances must be put in place. No if's and's or but's! It is time
for everyone to go to your city counsel meetings and bring this to
their attention. It is not our there in the public enough. Yes, you are
getting some states to come forward but have you see it addressed
anywhere of any importance. As far as I'm concerned it takes
precedence of Trumps SOTUS!  Get out there and talk to your city
counsel. Get the issue out. Put a stop to fast tracking trains running
through your towns, especially with the idea of one single tired man
all by himself on that engine who is being distracted by drivers,
pedestrians, ptc and TO screens trying to blow the horn and just pay
attention to what is going on. Slow down to 10mph through all towns!

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