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Name: Hogger
Employed as: Locomotive Engineer, for 20-30 years
Posted: 01 July 2018


What the hell is the point of PTC if your going to set it up with a
solid green line coming up to an approach. The whole thing was supossed
to help anticipate and prevent rear end collisions or overspeeds. Come
flying around the corner 60 mph with an approach in your face on a
blind curve and you got a green line. You changed it because it was
slowing trains down to 30mph 1200 feet after knocking it down and you
let CSX bully you into fixing it so we could run faster for an extra
mile before taking action?  Really man! You got to be f $&*^king
kidding! Your so damn worried about safe train movements why didn't
you change that damn out of control horn that blows  at every cow
crossing in the system. It's a rule violation. Unnecessary use of the
horn. The damb thing blew 3 damn times when it shouldn't while I was
trying to talk to the foreman coming up to a 707! Distracted the shit
out of me!  Change the horn or change the rule on hogger talking to the
foreman. Every other railroad has conductor do it. For damn good reason.
 This is a frickin joke.   
Was there any questions on that Dekra survey about company stupidity?

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