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Employed as: APE, for Less than 1 year
Posted: 09 February 2018


You're one of those who has a standard for everyone else that you
don't Measure up to.

It's easy to talk about another man's sin.     Ask yourself have you
ever stole time from your beloved CSX.  Waited to tie up to miss a
train catch your off day. Have you ever passed the work along to the
next Crew.  Talked to everyone in the Crew room instead of starting
your deadhead.  Took your time to kill a train.  Laid off Union.  Laid
off sick when you felt fine. Called the man to get flipped home when
there was rested crews. Cried to get the boards cut.  Put in pl days
before anyone else could. 
Bitches like you are the worse.  Complain about everyone when they're
not around just to suck them off the next time you see them.   You
might not lay off Fmla but your doing other shit just as bad or worse. 
 I hear the men I work with that live on the rails tell me how they
support their family.   I ask them which one and does the current
family know you? They are the most miserable, untrustworthy men like

Save your self righteous bullshit for your fat lazy cheating wife.

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