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Name: mediator
Employed as: APE, for 20-30 years
Posted: 16 January 2017


Did you remember the webmaster at Christmas. Did you show your
gratitude for having a place to come and post your problems and inform
the public of the true conditions of working for CSX? If not, now would
be a good time to open your hearts and send him a thankyou. Im sure
anything you send him would be greatly appreciated. You can visit and check through his wish list(Atom Smasher). Show some
support for the man who gives you a place to vent and brainstorm the
best ways to handle the intimidation, harassment and the day to day
insane business tactics that we all deal with!

GOOD LUCK TO ALL OF YOU!  Maybe this year will be a better year and we
will finally get paid the claims that are due us. Especially the ones
we have been waiting for more than 4 years!

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