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Employed as: Conductor, for 30+ years
Posted: 10 November 2017

The Harrison regime wanting to remove weekend off days?  No one should
be surprised.  

Don't think the unions are selling out but it sure seems like they are
being bullied.  

Not uncommon for a terminal to have combined extra lists.  The main
hassle with that is staying abreast of all & any changes & updates to
all the jobs\territories that en extra board employee can be called to
work\operate on -- being & staying truly qualified everywhere. 

Worked in a terminal for many yrs. that had a combined road pool. Was
like that until the Conrail split-up takeover. Could be east one trip,
west the next, north or south the next & also included operating on
foreign RRs & in their yards.  Was a bitch = very, too darn stressful. 

Some can get by with that - many cannot.  Sorry CSX but the combining
of pools is just not nearly as safe as having separate pools with
people that work 'em used to & knowing their assignments & what's all
expected of them.  Why create problems?

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