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Name: Retired Now
Employed as: Conductor, for 30+ years
Posted: 12 January 2018


Remember when signals had to be normally, usually, located to the
engineer's right side? The feds helped change that. 

Steam locomotives and some older diesels had the long nose as the
front, facing forward.  [Every FNG I ever helped didn't know what the
letter "F" displayed on locomotives was for.] 
Staying completely alert on a heavy train that is a drag isn't easy,
especially considering the hours, etc. The road lifestyle takes a toll
on a person's health, well-being.
Is doing that worth the pay/benefits/hassles?  YES sometimes, but more
times NO.

RRing isn't for everyone. The truth be known: many can't handle it;
including EACH\EVERY position, from the biggest head cheese on down. 

To all: Take care of yourselves & your family. That's #1. 
Don't act inconsiderate and/or selfish though - to anybody.  
Good luck to everyone who sticks with it, and don't forget -
Safety First.

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