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Employed as: APE, for 20-30 years
Posted: 05 April 2018

Alert!!!!!  Investor scam

Jesus! Do you people not see what is happening here. Why in the hell
would CSX let the UP "borrow" out our furloughed men when we have
VP's at the yards trying to figure out how to get the dead trains in
with no power and the man power shortage at an all time low right now.
Think about it people. They are using our furloughed men like stock
options. They are LOANING THEM OUT!  It makes no sense to let our
people go work for another railroad to help them out when we need them
ourselves unless they are making a killing off the "loan" the UP
agreed to. These guys have no idea they are being used as an investment
for profit. Yeah the money looks good and its nice to be back to work
but at what cost to your dignity. They are getting money and there is
no doubt about it. Just like the government grants they got for all the
military men they recruited to fill the seats at the school that ended
up costing a bloody fortune and now is basically shut down and a tax
write off. BUSINESS LOSS! The loan is good for 120 days then what. Will
the money the UP pays CSX be enough to cover whatever scheme they have
up their sleeves??? Funny if the guys decide to take an offer from the
UP and stay on board with them. Good for them. The pay is a hell of a
lot better!

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