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Employed as: Locomotive Engineer, for Less than 1 year
Posted: 02 November 2017

So many misinformed people on here.  The conversation about rules was
spot on,  no wonder this company is failing.  Seems as though people
are trying very hard to get the media or Fra or anyone's attention but
when you have no idea what your talking about, this site and you lose
all credibility. Imagine what's thought when these allegations and
complaints are made about EHH, and the media does go to the Fra for
comment.  They aren't thinking "we" need to investigate ehh and csx,
they're thinking "we" need to go out and test these csx guys cause
apparently they don't know the operating rules. 

Quit making all of us look like idiots , be professional and have pride
in what you do. You can hate this company all you want, I do most of the
time myself, however, everything out here that happens is a reflection
of "us".

don't click here