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Name: Cut the Static
Employed as: Train Master/ supervisor, for Less than 1 year
Posted: 26 July 2020

Static being posted to hid this.


Both FRA and Federal laws mandate that the railroad make all employees
records available to them to review and COPY!!!!

I personally have had mine copied and will be doing it again soon.
Check your observation testing results. If you didn't notice they
it harder to get to them. Jump through new hoops. Just like the format
change in printing off your history. Made the process harder by having
to keep bringing each page up separately after printing the first

ENTRAPMENT NOTICE!   CSX was ordered to stop altering the IVR system
lock you out from getting information after they called you when
the roster. The old format would say you were working after they
you.  Obviously you were not. The IVR would then direct you to a crew
caller who would say.."GOT YOU!" since they had you on the phone. 
This action was removed  upon numerous ethics charges.

There is a new system in place now.  If you are roster called you can
not call the stand line and prompt information for a train line up. It
will once again state that the information is not available and please
hold while they transfer you to a crew caller.  If you are already
called or duty, you will have no problem using the IVR system to
any information you want.  Once again, If you have been roster called
and do not answer, you will not be able to use the IVR system to
any information without being transferred to a crew caller.
If you chose to do this, immediately upon connection with the crew
caller advise them that you are in no way, shape, or form returning a
roster call and do not wish to take any calls until it is your union
agreed time to do so.  Advise them that the IVR system has denied
information to you and you were connected automatically. If they give
you any grief and threaten you if you do not take a call, advise them
you are not returning a roster call and you want information that the
IVR system is not giving to you. If you are threatened with forced to
work under these conditions, inform them you will be calling the
committee and naming them as the hostile caller. Immediately notify
Local Chairman. If you can not get a hold of them, then call your
General Chairman's office and tell them what happened. Demand a
complaint be filed. This is unethical and has been deemed as such in
the past. It must be stopped immediately.

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