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Name: HR 1748 Safe Freight act
Employed as: Conductor, for 10-20 years
Posted: 29 September 2020

Letís stick together if for any and make this happen this year. 

1. Protect the TWO MAN CREW BILL (HR 1748 Safe Freight Act) Itís about
public safety and jobs. 
2. Go to 
Click on the Red button support two person crews on the right side of
division home page. 
2.  Enter contact info ( this is needed to direct the email to your
member of congress. 
3. Click Send. The pre-drafted my essage will be sent directly to your
member of congress. 
4. This effects railroad retirement, retired railroaders, current
railroaders thereís even a spot for the general public to make there
voice be heard. Please take action there is 175,000 conductors and
59,000 engineers that need this support not to mention public safety at
5. safety of the crews and the public must come first!

 You have all got this wrong when it come to 2 man crew verses one man
crew. The airlines have had autopilot for years but still have two and
3 people in the cockpit. If Boeing has taught us anything technology
fails. Itís all the workers do is worry about losing jobs.† Its common
sense thousands of railroad workers will lose their jobs if all the
railroads are allowed to go to 1 man crews. That's an issue you need
to take up with Politicians !† They claims they are creating jobs then
let him do something
about people keeping the ones they have!
This is about safety. This is about saving lives. Not just crew lives
but the American people as well. Donít forget about the rule-making
process that was invoked by then-FRA Administrator Joseph C. Szabo
after an unattended 74-car freight train carrying crude oil ran
downhill and crashed in the Canadian town of Lac-Mťgantic, killing 49
people in 2013 that had just one man on the train! Hunter Harrison said
on the record those extra set of eyes in the cab are valuable. PTC will
not detect track issues or mechanical issues like bad order cars or
prevent crossing accidents. Our rules change daily so if an engineer or
conductor takes a day off or vacation who will job brief with each other
on any newly updated rules that change. How about filling out an EC-1 as
the train moves along the tracks or stop and flag a railroad crossing
when they have an activation failure with the public crossing gates. We
are suppose to job brief to make smart decisions taking the safer
course. So if engineers are busy pushing buttons on a screen and
reading train orders his eyes are in the cab. If they remove the
conductor, it would be counterintuitive. So in my opinion one safety
system cancels out the other. Now with ptc and full crew in the cab
increases the safety of of train movement. Just plain old common
Railroads preach safety every single day.
Its in their rule books and in their advertising. Its 24 hour a day Well let them put their money where their
mouths are. Pay for safety. Keep 2 men in the cab.
Just like GM shutting down 5 plants putting 15,000 people out of work
and pay there CEO 22 million. CSX on the other hand lost 41% of the
business once Hunter Harrison took over cutting out almost half the
work force from 27,893 people down to 15,362 people system wide and
they paid him 385 million only to pass away 8 months later!
With everything going automated from self check out lanes to
manufacturing does anyone profit except share holders and CEOs!!!! The
public has no idea what we deal with. Tell your neighbors about how
many cars we hit and people are killed every year when they are hit by
trains. Explain to them how the engineer is in the cab calling the
dispatcher and getting 911 called. He is taking care of anything that
may be wrong with the locomotive. He stays with the train. Tell them
how the conductor gets down and rushes to the vehicle to see if he can
possibly save a life. Maybe a baby is in the car and needs to be
or maybe the parents can be removed and need CPR. Maybe he can comfort
someone who is dying or in shock or screaming because they are
injured . Tell them about how we hit live stock and large deer. Tell
them how people love to put junk on the tracks. Shopping carts,
bicycles, steel barrows, wheelchairs and even abandoned cars. A two
person crew saved a childís life wondering around on the tracks in
Minnesota near midnight Saturday, Feb. 1,  2020. PTC didnít help them.
Tell them about how many trees we hit a year and do extensive damage to
locomotive. The engineer stays with the locomotives and assess the
damage and does what is necessary to radio dispatchers for help while
the conductors gets down and removes debris and check the rest of the
train for any damage or signs of derailment. Tell them about the
territory that is in the middle of TIM BUCK TWO!† The places where no
one can get to you fast unless you have a helicopter. How will they go
bathroom now without two people to keep the train going down the tracks
unless they have to stop not blocking crossings or take lunch. Tell them
how radios don't always work in remote locations. Telemetry drops out
and communication is lost. How many times does a conductor have to go
and trouble shoot another locomotive after alarms are going off. The
keeps the train rolling the best he can while the conductor checks the
computers and checks to see if it is loading, traction motor faults or
any other issue that may arise. Tell them about the blind curves that
only one crew member can see around when your approaching
public crossings or trees that block signals so that only one crew
member can see them until you get the train right on top of them. Tell
them about wash outs from floods, and heat warped rail and fog so thick
you cant see a foot in front of you. SO WHAT IF YOU GOT PTC!!† PTC does
not tell you if a car in stopped on the tracks or a tree is across it
or a person is walking in the tracks or there is 5 inches of water over
the rail! Tell them how crew members have been attacked and some have
even been killed by gang thugs and trespassers. A single man has no
chance in† these situations. It is better to have someone else with you
to keep watch when working in bad areas and ghetto rail yards. The list
goes on and on. Tell them how the company took away the right of the
crew members to take a power nap. One crew member is supposed to call
stopped every 15 minutes while they are waiting on line of road. As
long as someone is awake and doing this and paying attention there is
no reason on god green earth while a tired crew member cant take a 20
minute power nap. Tell them how crews are run into the ground and some
are called out every 10 hours around the clock. They work all hours of
the day and night and most have no weekends off. The company wont even
let them have a power nap. What is going to happen when there is only 1
man on the train by himself and he is just plain worn out or is sick and
afraid to take a day off because of the companies new attendance policy
which is just absolutely insane. People come to work sick all the time.
Vomiting, diarrhea, fevers and the flu doesn't stop them because they
are in fear of losing their jobs. How is a sick man who is all by
himself going to be able to make a full run safely and without risking
his life or the publics when he doesn't have his other crew member to
help keep him alert. The engineer has many roles and duties as well as
the conductor. There are times when something happens that it is a
for an engineer to be on board and ready to take instructions while the
conductor handles the rest of the responsibilities.† There are so many
things that go into railroading and running trains that the public
doesn't know a thing about.†
has ever been brought forward in the history of the railroad
And for what? To save a dollar. To line someone's pockets. To make
someone rich. Who care who gets killed. If you think crossings are
blocked now imagine if there was only one man and had to wait on
someone to cut a crossing!Who care about the destruction to family
lives. I don't know about you but I sure do and so should every person
in America!
Also if you havenít seen it check out these two YouTube videos.

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