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Name: Wtf
Employed as: Yard Master, for 10-20 years
Posted: 08 August 2017


Do you even know what the hell your block swapping precision
railroading is doing out here. You got them adding slop freight to 60
mph intermodal trains reducing their speed to 50 and delaying delivery
times because they have to set out and pick up extra crap in route. 
Did you know that one of the foreign lines we do a shit load of
business with refused to take one of these screwed up trains and it sat
on our main for almost 2 days tied down till it was fixed. The
intermodal trains on that foreign line are hot shots for them and step
on step off and haul ass. You try to send them this stupid shit and
delay shipments to do what??? Sneak in some extra blocks on them.  You
think screwing with their schedules and yard routine is ok because you
don't care what they think? Your god of all railroads.  Turning 60 mph
trains into 50 mph just to move a block is really moving freight quickly
and efficiently? Pissing off the competitor is smart? Better upgrade
your oxygen brand!

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