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Name: CMA!
Employed as: Locomotive Engineer, for 20-30 years
Posted: 08 October 2018


If I hear one more ignorant conductor tell me that the idiots in the
Face to face class told them they don't have to follow any other rules
than the new  bulletin that came out for trains in emergency on 6/15/17
I'm going to start tossing them off the engines. Simple lazy boys who
don't want to follow rules or just to damn lazy to get out and walk
more than 5 car lengths. Most engineers pounded the rocks before they
got in the seat. We did it. We know what its like. I'm not  listening
to your boo hoo you get to sit in the cab crap.  Quit being a stupid
fool! Go find a boys job if you cant handle it!

That rule was written to speed up the process. it wasn't written to
protect your ass or the engineer! You people should only have to work
for the company for 3 months to figure this out. There are other rules
in the book that go with the train in emergency rule. You don't get to
ignore them just because there was a change in another one. Did you know
the dispatcher is not supposed to let any other train pass you until you
confirm that your hazmats are on the rail AND SAFE(rule 612.4) Did you
know if your a key train you can only run 5 mph to move it to a safer
place to inspect it? That face to face instructor left a lot out. His
agenda was to preach only the rules that move the train the quickest.
If he explained it all they would have been totally pissed! Lose his

Now for the idot I was working with in the dark in the middle of no
where in a curve that refused to walk the train because rule
308.6-section B- paragraph 4 says visual inspection from the head end
does not indicate any unsafe conditions, I hope I never catch your lazy
ass again if I go into emergency. If its dark, foggy, blizzard or in a
blind sharp curve your ass CAN NOT TELL FROM JUST STANDING AT THE HEAD
END that everything is okay. Are you just retarded. You think your butt
is walking out of investigation scot free after equipment is damaged
because your tried using that rule to cut corners and get out of
walking? I cant see to the end of a 3 mile long train with my best
glasses on in a clear sunny day! Don't tell me you can!
Think of this one conductors.  How many of us have been stuck with
14,000 foot long trains weighing 19,000 tons with 2 motors that aren't
worth a piece of crap and can barely make it up a hill over 15 miles and
Section B paragraph 6 states your cant do a roll by inspection if
starting and moving the train requires excessive force.
How do any of us know for sure after we have been in emergency that the
excessive force when starting is because of these overweight trains or
because there is a problem in the train. NO ONE KNOWS FOR SURE unless
the entire train is inspected!
They build these trains like this to cut corners and to reduce trains
and crews. This isn't my problem. Its theirs. I'm not moving that
train one foot until you make sure that the entire train is on the damn
rail. I'm not wheel slipping in 8 notch at 1200 amps on a hill without
you checking first. Run your pie hole. Scream and cry. We can sit there
all night. Use your damn heads. ALL 6 rules have to be met in order for
us to do a roll-by inspection. ALL OF THEM! Use your heads! Guarantee
we got the FRA/USDOT in our corner on this one if they want to accuse
us of delaying the train!

CSX operating rules department/public safety director....
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