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Name: hogger
Employed as: Locomotive Engineer, for 20-30 years
Posted: 31 May 2018


Who gives a crap about that stupid shit. What you better worry about is
learning to deal with the old pieces of crap they are using out on the
line of road on long pools because they are running out of power. They
don't have a damn thing in the new rules book about running old sd40-2
with short time ratings. The old rule book in 2010 had info in it but
the new book doesn't have squat. I had to fight with a dispatcher
about having to stop and cool down my traction motors because we were
underpowered and had the motors tacked out in 1500 amps on the hill in
8 notch just to pull. He didn't understand a thing about it. I know
the continuous minimum speed and available times for the motors because
I worked with them for years. They don't understand an engineer needs
this info. We are still using these old junkers. They might be ok on
some short local but using them on long haul freight pools with heavy
load is stupid as shit. If you don't have the old rules book you will
have to google the units and find it yourself. I had another engineer
tell me he had the same issue but he was just a pup. He called the
mechanical desk and the guy on the phone had no idea what the hell he
was talking about. He put him on hold until he found an old head
mechanic there and got him on the phone. He was able to help him out.
Just more crap this outfit doesn't get and the problems they are
creating with this power shortage. Thing is, there isn't a thing they
can do to an engineer that burns one up and has no info on how to run
them. Your not required to carry the old rules books. The new ones
supersede the old ones. Let them replace burned up traction motors.
maybe they'll get rid of the old rust buckets!

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