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Name: nopatsy
Employed as: Locomotive Engineer, for 1-10 years
Posted: 31 May 2018

Engineers...HEADS UP!!!

Went to the rules class about 3 weeks ago and the guy they sent from
who knows where told us to start looking on our tonnage graphs for the
restrictions on equipment that restrict it to 50 mph or less. I saw it
a few times since then. I asked him at the time if there was going to
be a bulletin out informing of this change and that the info on it
would govern the speed of our train. He said he didn't know if they
would put one out or not. So I asked him what is going to cover our
butts if the work order department screws up and misses a car or we got
wrong car wrong train crap and get busted with a 50 mph car when we
thought we could do 60. He started some crap about observing our trains
and looking for restricted cars in our trains. We all started laughing,
Asked him if he even knew how it worked in our yard. We don't see our
trains most of the time. Just the head 6 as required. We don't get our
trains ready. The car man is the only one who sees the whole train when
he watches the roll by. He couldn't answer that. We told him if we
don't see a bulletin out stating that this change was made to or
tonnage graphs and we could count on using that info to govern our
speed we were running 50. Plain and simple.
YOUR GOING TO LOVE THIS ONE!!!!   He told us to go to rule 112.4 and
read line 4.  Do you know what is says...... Hold on to your hats...

It says....The ranking crew member, which we all know is supposed to be
the conductor, is responsible for ensuring PROPER DOCUMENTATION FOR THE

He threw it right in the conductors lap! So I said, ok since Im just
the engineer and not the ranking employee then I can just take my
tonnage graph and go get on my power and the conductor can eat shit if
there is a problem with the cars. That pissed the shit out of a
conductor in the class.  The instructor finally admitted that it was
not done properly the way they started it and if we felt unsure about
anything just stick to 50mph until there is something in writing.
So this is what your dealing with. If Jacksonville screws up or the YM
has a wrong car in the train or an extra your going to eat dirt as long
as that rule 112,4 is in the book and there is not a bulletin out
instructing crews to use the info provided in the restricted car
handling area of the tonnage graph! Well, the conductor can eat dirt
because he is supposed to make sure its right per the rules!  Sucks to
be the conductor right now.

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