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Name: XLC
Employed as: Locomotive Engineer, for 20-30 years
Posted: 14 April 2018


I just got an email that stated that CSX/CMC did not violate any rules
in regards to notifying the engineers at Avon that there were going to
be changes to the west end pools

Per Article 74  of the SSA the CMC has to issue a message stating any
changes in on/off duty points, working limits, rate of pay, etc, Has to
be advertised early enough so that engineers can adjust their bid cards
accordingly.  Since they posted it in the crew management messages that
we can all view at work they claim they have followed the agreement with
no violations.

How many people actually read the crew management messages on a regular
basis.  OK people, its time to get it together. If this is how we are
going to be given a heads up on all the future changes that we are
headed for with the new CEO then we all have to stay on this! 

Another disturbing bit of info I was given was the unions are claiming
they had no idea that this was going down and was a done deal with the
company.   BULL CRAP!  If it was in the messages with the company then
there is no way in hell they wouldn't know. They started adding
messages 4 weeks ago sending hints this was going to happen. Look at
the Job descriptions in the JAD. Look at the crew management messages.
They conflict with each other. One says no days off and the other says
6-2. Other things conflict as well as the rate of pay for the salem
run. No way in hell the Unions don't know this is going on.  If they
say they don't they are blowing smoke up everyone's butts and
treating their own LC'S like they are retarded idiots! That's right!
Retarded. I said it!
The company is supposed to give the Unions a 30 day notice of any
changes they are going to implement in order for both parties to meet
and discuss the issues. If any union official says they didn't know
then they are just lying through their teeth. I don't believe for one
minute that CSX blindsided them and failed to let them know. They might
have done it in a way that left them fumbling in the dark trying to find
it but there is no doubt they did. Posting it on the CMC messages is not
the proper way to notify the unions. If they pulled a stunt like this
then its just plain dirty pool and that is grounds to file charges
against CSX for not negotiating in good faith.  We need some answers.
We need to know why our unions are playing dumb and keeping the LCs out
of the loop. This is bull crap.

In the meantime everyone needs to read the CMC messages everyday and
the minute they see a change they need to notify their GC and their
LC's immediately. No more playing games! The game is on! Stand
together brothers!

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