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Employed as: Brakeman, for Less than 1 year
Posted: 22 March 2021

loss of current connection   it's true survivor benefits and
supplemental benefits will be lost BUT   survivor benefits is not your
spouse's annuity two different benefits.  Once vested the employee's
annuity and or spouse's annuity can not be lost.   As for the loss of
supplemental benefit.  An employee must have rendered service in the
early 80s to be entitled to that benefit.    If the employee's
children are over a certain age survivor benefits doesn't exist.  

Current connection applies to survivor's benefits and supplemental
benefits.      children are grown survivor benefits does not exist   if
you hired out after the mid 80s you are not entitled to supplemental
benefits anyway and it's only a couple hundred dollars

if you are vested and you hate your job.  go sling burgers at Mcdonalds
till you're of age to draw

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