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Posted: 11 February 2018

legal fees

Attorneys work on contingency.  They cover all cost up front. This is 
how the little man can take on a large corporation.  If defendant is
found guilty. Your attorney fees and court cost will be paid by
defendant.  If you lose your case attorney eats all losses.  

If settled prior to..   Settlement minus attorney fees minus court cost
and fees equals your money free and clear.

Your attorney will have you agree to an engagement letter.  This is an
agreement to protect you and your attorney.  On whats expected from you
and the law firm.  Your attorney will draw it up but it will be written
so he has more protections than you do.  You do not have to agree to
this.  You can inform him that there are changes that will have to be
made.  He will change it. If he says no then he doesn't believe your
case will prevail.  If you are still unsure about the engagement
letter.  Pay a second attorney to go over it.  Once you agree to the
engagement letter you will be strictly bound to it.  You don't have to
sign an engagement letter for it to be binding.  A verbal agreement is
the same.   Most can't afford to fight an attorney.  So go over
everything he's there for himself then he's there for you.

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