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Name: Dispatcher Out
Employed as: Train Dispatcher, for 10-20 years
Posted: 06 May 2018


If you are wondering why you are getting even worse call times lately
it's because of the debacle of their relocation of the dispatchers. 

Forced them to move on their own dime using a complicated process where
they will reimburse you for expenses, except they deny that the expenses
are relocation related.  

Given that we had nearly two dozen not come down, a dozen leave already
, and another dozen or so will pack their bags in the next couple of

You have people on desks now that have very little experience on those
desks as they've been forced to them.   You've got extra board guys
working desks after management has harassed them to mark up earlier
than they should be.  You've got multiple desks that are overloaded
because they keep combining consoles.   You've got half the office in
on overtime at any given shift.  There are people that work 25-30 days
straight with no rest days to keep from having to blank jobs.   Hell,
someone marked off sick on a Saturday morning a couple of weeks back
and one guy had to cover two desks for two hours until they could find
someone to come in.  

You've got a disaster in the making, with people who are over worked
doing jobs they aren't truly qualified on, and when it happens I hope
the FRA runs wild through management.

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