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Name: May I have another
Employed as: APE, for Less than 1 year
Posted: 03 November 2019

Yo yo yo my broedahs shizzle fo da wizzle. Sno fort weader be up on us.
Trex be  integrelz to da proses of da sno fort. Dat bird be
relentunless in da persut of sno fort perfetin. Weez gonza have a jiant
slides and a sno balz canun alons wit Trex favo part a birds ness ova
lookins da plase. Weez gona hav gran openin csx sucks dae ans gonsda be
servin up free yello sno cones an hot dogs fo all trainmasters. Da
blonds downs da strete will be servin em up wearing bekeenee an sno
butes. Shuld be a guud turns outs.

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