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Name: Feete
Employed as: Corporate office, for Less than 1 year
Posted: 07 March 2018

We heard you men loud and clear in the field.   We have started to take
actions on your ongoing request.  

Labor asked for a new attendance policy.  We came up with the new
cutting edge CAPS policy.

Labor asked to control moves.  We gave them the Bid System.

Labor asked to make their sick brothers work just as mush as the rest
of us have to.  We are currently unjustly bringing the hammer down on
fmla. (Please be a good employee and report anyone you don't like who
might be abusing their leave)

Labor asked for more starts.  We are cutting the pools.

This and many more changes are coming.  Only because we consider every
employee as an asset and value their input.

Thank You
Be safe
Jay Feete esq

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