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Name: RRJim
Employed as: Locomotive Engineer, for 30+ years
Posted: 28 May 2018

It's all about politics. When union members vote in Republicans
they're voting against their own best interest. We were Blue Collar
Union Democrats we knew under them we had a chance at a better
contract. History showed us it. When Republicans are in control
corporations can do just about anything. The conservative faction of
SCOTUS by a 5-4 vote just ruled last week against public unions, most
likely private unions are next. They pretty much took away their rights
to collective bargaining. Rail unions have been under constraints with
the Railway Labor Act with not having the right to strike at will.
Railroads have been trying to bust the unions the past 30 years since
Reagan was president. That trend hasn't let up. Republicans have
mostly controlled Congress since 1994 except for a few years when there
was a split Congress. Like I first mentioned it's all political.

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