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Name: Dman
Employed as: Conductor, for 10-20 years
Posted: 13 May 2017

Alot of what is posted here is 1st hand accounts of things we see
everyday,have we been forced to apply, no we most of us anyway paid our
own money for a chance at the conductor training program, myself had to
take out a $8000 loan to attend, went through the 8 week program unpaid
in another state, commented myself to this line of work as so many
before me did as well, for a chance to provide for myself and my future
family. I  have been furloughed multiple times and came back because im
a railroader, its what i do. Sorry for being on such a high horse but
take pride in my craft anx will not walk away from what i have earned,
myself along with thousands of other boots on the ground women and men
over the decades have helped build this railroad, and the relationships
with our customers, as well as the yr over yr profits csx and its
shareholders have enjoyed. So dont down play our investment in the
company and make sound so easy to walk away from something we feel we
helped build. Remember our sacrifices we often see the pepole we work
with more often than our own families, i know i know u will say well u
signed up for that and your right, and im still signed up and not
walking away, just dont want it taken away.

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