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Employed as: M of W, for Less than 1 year
Posted: 12 November 2017

Ha...ha .....ha....,dumb fuck hunter harrison and his minions turned all
of buffalos frontier yard yard jobs today into RCO'S. all at one time.
The problem is no one is qualified on the RCOs!! The few that are
qualified work the road or niagara falls and don't want those shifty
lead jobs with weekdays off. instead of putting one RCO job at the time
he did them all on the same day. Hunters way" bull in the china shop"
approach . im sure some junior employees will eventually fill the
vacancies.  Let me talk to you hunter one on one...... you want people
to go on those jobs give them better days off stupid!!!  Ya I want to
work days get shit on and have Monday and Tuesday off! Hey
hunter...look at all the OT that is piling up in buffalo again,
trainmasters fucking your budget up!

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