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Name: tea
Employed as: Locomotive Engineer, for 20-30 years
Posted: 14 July 2017

when the new attendance policy comes out.  We will all bitch about it. 
We will talk about how this bs will not be tolerated within 60 days our
union will post or mail out a reply.   The letter from the union will
read something like.  "This was a unilateral move by the carrier we
extremely protested the new policy.  We will do everything in our power
to convince the carrier this is outrageous and unacceptable. But
remember our hands are tied this is a company policy. The company
ultimately can create and amend policy as they so desire. Hence the
last 5 policies stuck.

When the carrier will not agree on a reasonable contract on health
care.  The unions will take a vote on whether or not we should strike. 
The YES vote will be around 97% in favor of. There will even be meetings
about the strike and who is to do what and signs will be made.  The
local guys will be off union business making posters and bullshit. 
Then we will get a sub-standard contract. Pay raise will be less than
par.  Insurance will increase.  Work rules will be favor of the
carrier. The union will once again mail out toilet paper stating they
did everything they could and with a carrier friendly administration
this contract surpassed  their wildest imagination.   They will praise
one another for their relentless fight with the carrier.  They will pat
one another on the back for their great success.
Yeah we've all seen this bullshit too many times

Our grandparents would be greatly disappointed in us for tolerating
this bullshit.

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