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Name: xvlc
Employed as: Brakeman, for 20-30 years
Posted: 13 May 2018


I get so sick of hearing you guys come on here and spout off about
going to meetings and getting involved. I was a rep. I know what it is
like to try to get one damn day off to do something you need done with
your personal life let alone spend time at a union meeting. The fact is
this BRO!!! The unions are well aware of what is happening out here. Its
their damn job to know. They are paid for that service. We are forced
into a union shop through the railroad labor act but the Federal
government controls how the unions organize and function with laws that
protect members from misrepresentation and failure to represent to the
fullest extent. The union reps and international reps will sit on their
asses and say they cant get involved until the members come forward with
complaints. I have personally witnessed these conversations. This is
total bullshit and they know it. It is their jobs to step in when they
see their members are being abused and their contracts raped. NO ONE
HAS TO COME FORWARD!  It is their job to handle all abuse. They are
well aware of it. You want something done you have to raise a stink and
get the media involved. They have no choice then to come out from under
the Carriers desk. THey have to do what they are paid for. Kick backs
and pay offs have made our unions corrupt and have made them climb in
bed with management. Going to meetings is not going to do a damn thing.
What will make a change is going after our unions for failing to
represent in a fair and timely manner. Union meetings are a damn joke.
Its the squeaky wheel that gets attention. Its the people who start a
stink and draw attention to the unions failures that get things done.
Its the people who make them look like they got egg on their faces that
get results. Its high time we clean house at the upper level of the
Ask yourself one question... when was the last time you saw any rep
from the international or field rep for organizing at your terminal.
How many times last year did you see them show up and talk to the
people. Let CSX know they are alive and well. Bet you never saw a
single one!  Too damn scared to get out in the fields and make the
rounds and show of support. That's what your paying for BRO. A bunch
of no shows!

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