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Name: Engineer
Employed as: Locomotive Engineer, for 1-10 years
Posted: 01 May 2020


Well here we go again. The honest engineers now have to deal with yet
another program out there to monitor our every move because you cry
baby jackasses went and kept screwing with the TO and found a way to by
pass the percentages. They caught on to you and now all the rest of us
who don't deserve to be babysat all the time have to deal with more
big brother. Of course it doesn't really matter because we just do
what the hell we are told to do and don't give a f%^kin shit how fast
the damn trains run. When are you stupid jerks going to get it through
you stupid moronic heads that CSX doesn't give a rats ass about track
speed!  They get the trains across the rail. They plan for one crew and
12 hours. They push for less. Those other posters are right. Fire all of
you!  Get you the hell out of here. You sold your soul when you signed
on and you knew it. Don't like to do what you told get the hell out.
You just keep bringing down more shit on the rest of us who follow the
damn rules. You are nothing but trouble. Get out! Go drive a damn
truck. Get off the rails!

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