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Name: Former Executive 
Employed as: Corporate office, for 30+ years
Posted: 03 November 2018

The plan is simple. We will cut cost to the point of no return. We donít
care about customers and we donít care about employees. Everything we
promote on our website is an illusion to keep the general public and
small investors believing we care. We donít!

Thatís the truth! Iím sorry but itís business and sometimes in business
employees and their families get trampled on. It does not mean we wish
bad  will on them in their future projects, it just means they do not
fit into our current business model to squeeze money out of the company
for a huge profit and return. There are many good people that just donít
have the emotional will power to cut incompetent employees from the

We will continue to cut manpower way below normal staffing levels and
violate Agreements until we get every ounce of profit we can from this
company. Once we have finished, we will move on with our earnings and
leave this company broken. Itís what we do! The only thing left will be
Labor because they are the only thing that remains the same. It is well
known management comes and goes like the wind.

As for your unions? Yes, I will say this. Be glad you have them on the
railroad along with the Railway Labor Act. Only uneducated and
unappreciative individuals denounce railroad unions. Theyíve been
around 100 years and no matter how many managers or management styles
come and go, the rail labor unions remain and so does the Railway Labor
Act. I got involved in management because I knew I could be a better
manager than the one leading me. Being in the union is the same. If you
donít like the direction of the union, get involved and make it better.
If you donít want to make it better, leave the railroad and go work at
Wendyís. Iím sure youíll get it then.

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