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Name: Ben Dover
Employed as: Locomotive Engineer, for 10-20 years
Posted: 08 May 2018

Dispatcher Out.

We as engineers understand what's going on down there in Jacksonville,
believe me please. We get stopped now on approaches where we normally
would never have one there and then get treated like we are retarded
for not taking it going down looking out. It is quite obvious to us
that there is a lot of discontent down there. We stop because we are
not supposed to block the town. We stop because we cannot see the next
signal. It's very apparent to us that you dispatchers aren't familiar
with the territory. I've waited quite often after a train has crossed
over in front of us and thinking that we must be waiting on another one
only to get the signal 20 minutes later with absolutely no reason at all
for the delay. I've called on more than one occasion to tell the
dispatcher on the next division that we are going to be entering, that
we are approaching and looking to get around the corner. He cops his
attitude like we are bothering him. We may wait 30 minutes then he
lines us around with absolutely no reason at all for holding us up.
I'll gladly take the overtime money! Thanks!!! I make more money
sitting still than I do moving. Putting us in sidings and failing to
line us up in a timely fashion because you think you are screwing us
over is putting a lot of money in our pockets. Keep up the good work!!!

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