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Employed as: Brakeman, for 30+ years
Posted: 09 May 2020

Lesson 101!

You young morons just kill me. You come on here and bash guys for
stepping up to take jobs and accuse them of keeping guys on the street!
Have you even been watching the company that you work for. Apparently
not. It wont change a damn thing if they don't step up. You think for
one moment they will fall to their knees if guys don't take a call.
How stupid and ignorant can you be. Open your damn eyes you idiots.
They have been and will always hold a train until someone is rested. It
doesn't matter if they hold it half a damn day. THEY WILL!  And if that
isn't going to work they will just add the freight to other trains
heading on the same route. They will add DP or make the damn train 3
miles long. If need be they will set half of it in a siding in route to
be picked up later. Then if it is seriously time sensitive material
coming in they will hide the real arrival time and date on the cars. If
you have been in this business long enough then you know damn well how
they crunch numbers, pad times, re hump cars for car counts, make up
enroute delays in their dispatching notes, allow extra time for track
work and what ever the hell they need to do to justify on paper why
freight is running late. 
Wake the hell up! Pay attention to how the damn railroad is being run.
Use your heads. You want the freight to run. You want them to make
money. You don't want them paying late freight charges or anything
else that could put them in the hole. The more they owe out the bigger
the chance is they will cut MORE MEN! Wake the hell up and quit
trashing and going after the throats of the men you work with. If they
don't take the calls the train will run and they will find a way to
make it look good! Is it not better to have as many guys making  money
as they can right now than having them double up freight to move it,
reduce trains and then more men get sent home packing. Use your damn
heads. If it gets worse out here, the trains will end up all being 3
miles long and more men sent home. It might take longer to build them
and yard them but they will do it and they will find a way to show the
delays. If they really want to make up a good excuse they can blame all
of it on that Trip optimizer!

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