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Name: Loco
Employed as: Locomotive Engineer, for 20-30 years
Posted: 13 February 2020


Man you hit the nail right on the head. Our political system has gone
to hell and we have no sight of fixing it right now. Until we get some
honest to god good descent people to run for president we are just
going to be stuck in the stink pool of hell.  The Russians got what
they wanted. Im not sure why the hell they wanted the turmoil other
than maybe to throw our economy way off and into another recession so
they could take over financially, but making sure Trump got into office
was their best tactic ever. They knew this show boat was unstable. The
only thing this man is good at is putting on a good show and swindling
deals.  I have in my possession a 26 page memoir of a complete and
factual financial report of trump and his money since he was 3 years
old. YES 3 YEARS OLD! Not only did Fred Trump start setting up funds
for his children but he bought them properties and got involved in
business ventures that he put in his children's names which in turn
they reaped the profits. He then taught his children that they were
part of an empire and should rule the financial world. He instilled the
"royalty" mentality in his children. This is where Trump got this idea
that the rules should be changed so that he could hold office as long as
the people wanted him!
 Trump is an outright liar claiming he made his fortune on his own. He
rode on Freds bank account from day one and was bailed out by "daddy"
every single time he got in trouble. By the time he was 30 his daddy had
already given him $9 million and by the time he was considering running
for office he had received around 413 million$
from daddy. That is only the amount that could actually be found on
record. Someone on here made a reference to his memoir in 1987 called
"the art of the deal".  I read that memoir  He did in fact say very
clearly that he plays to peoples fantasies by hyperboling (Exaggerated
statements or claims not meant to be taken literally) and swears it
isn't lying but just a effective way of promoting himself.
The man admitted he does it. He put it right out there for all to hear.
So I just don't get how the Dems are getting so upset with his blow
hard bull and calling him a liar.  He isn't lying. He is playing his
game. He has followers believing his almighty bull hook line and
sinker. People are real good at spouting off their opinions without
having any facts.  I bet you half the people you work with couldn't
tell you his father first name. You know damn well most of his voters
don't know a thing about his real past. If they did they could see
right through his bull crap. He will ruin a lot of this country in the
little time he will have as POTUS!  The best thing for everyone to do
is save every damn dime they have and put away for hard times. Just
like the hedge fund that has ripped our railroads apart, we are in for
some real surprises!  I wont be though because I already know what this
clown is all about! We are all mere peasants in his mind. If you are not
part of the rich and famous you are nothing more than servants to him.
He was raised this way. This is the way Fred molded his children's
minds. The only difference is we don't have kings and queens in this
country. Fred should have moved their family to England!

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