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Posted: 13 June 2018

You might enjoy to read how a paper pusher union busting white collar
scab at CP feels about working 12 hour days away from home and being
called in at any random hour while having to work in incliment weather
with wet boots because he thinks that railroaders do not have to deal
with what he is dealing with...

"The other side of Hunter Harrison's CP legacy: white-collar workers
driving trains"

“It’s like living in a constant state of jetlag,” he said. “My
steel-toed leather boots were soaked through, as well as everything
else I was wearing, and my boots were not dry before I had to report
for the next shift. I hadn’t slept enough, I hadn’t eaten, I didn’t
have time to call my family and I had to be back out there to run
another goddamn train.”

The CP employee said he received some shares in the company when Creel
took over, along with a letter thanking him for his work.

“In the past year, your commendable effort in being a leader in the
management crew area did not go unnoticed or unappreciated,” the letter

It was the first time the company had formally acknowledged his

“I’m grateful to finally receive some recognition about how hard this
has been,” he said. “It makes me feel more optimistic about the future
with Keith Creel.”

Poor wittle desk dwelling feller had wet booties in the big bad world
of always on call trains and was so sweepy. 

For his slumming with the human cattle in inhuman conditions he was
rewarded with recognition and stock in CP for doign what train crews do
every day with the reward of not being fired.

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