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Name: CYA
Employed as: Conductor, for 20-30 years
Posted: 17 June 2018

All crews 

This company is the worst I've ever seen it. The new guys with less
than 5 years have no clue. We thought it was bad when they took over
conrail but that was just a walk in the park.  I'm starting to believe
everything those CN and CP boys have been saying. Ever since this HH
character stepped in its gone to hell. Even conrail didn't allow the
cutting corners and safety violations to the extent this outfit is
doing. The FRA is either totally bought off to  look away or they
don't give at rats butt either anymore. Something bad is on it way.  I

just hope all you guys have your ducks in a row when it does because
you know we're getting the blame first. Dekra is going to back tbem
and file a bunch of bogus reports about us out in the field.  MARK MY

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