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Name: WHAT???
Employed as: APE, for 1-10 years
Posted: 26 May 2018


What the hell would they call Dekra for?  I just googled them and I
don't see the relevance of their main business having anything to do
with T&E crews dirrectly.  Just what the hell would they be looking
for? If they want to use them it is only to grab a certification from
them. Its just another way to put a notch on their belts as a safe and
reliable company. The only benefit of this would be to plaster it all
over the employee gateway and pat themselves on the back. It might help
attract a few more backers who are afraid of the history that HH created
with his numerous injuries and failure to maintain equipment and now it
is sitting in Foote's lap. I don't think they get any government
grants for this certification but I may be wrong. This is just another
business tactic that they are counting on to attract more support. We
all know how smoke and mirrors are used to fool the public into
thinking they are buying into a safe and reliable company. If Dekra is
as credible as they claim they will see through all of the bull just as
the previous poster pointed out about DuPont!

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