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Name: Hunter Harrison
E-mail: Floatnfrozencorpseofjackdawson
Employed as: Corporate office, for 30+ years
Posted: 31 October 2018

Thanks for turning on 2 trains for 1 time ticket you shit stains..i
appreciate you making 27 moves with your train for 1 time ticket..if
you  have problems with any of this take it up with your union..keep
faxing in those seniority moves to open jobs..crew callers will get you
right on there..I'll let you in on a small secret..those fax machines
aren't powered up you mongloids..your unions are trying to take us to
court over this the time that's settled you  will be sold off to
the China Xpress rr..keep going fellas ..I'm guna keep pushing your
fudge in..

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