CSX-Sucks.com E-Mail :: Change of Address


So, your ISP got bought out, you moved or you found a better deal... and now you need to change the address that your CSX-Sucks.com mail gets forwarded to.

We'll need:

  • Your CSX-Sucks.com address
  • The old address that mail was forwarded to
  • The new address that mail will be forwarded to
FYI, this goes much quicker if you make the change while you still have access to your old account!!

Your e-mail address is considered confidential, and we will NEVER make it available to spammers, employers or anyone.

Let us know if you have any problems with this service.

Your Handle: @CSX-Sucks.com
Your old e-mail address:
Your new e-mail address:

Do you still have access to your old account?